Shadow of Russia

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For generations to my family lived in Kalinova, a small village in Ukraine. They lived a secluded life -- farming, working in coal mines -- as a community. Kalinova was a beautiful place. I went there 10 years ago o meet my father's family, where their grew up. I met all my aunts and uncles, their children and their children.

My dad used to say "One twist of fate and we would live here."

It was war at brought us to the states, changing the Lytvinenko family forever. And now it's war that's changing the family again.
Small village will never be what I fell in love with in 2005. The conflict disrupted normal life, forcing the kids out of school, and the jobs to Russia along with the people. As Russia pushes west, it's shadow brings a permanent darkness to Kalinova.

22x17in inkjet transfer monoprints
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